Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Monday Night Dance Therapy....

My dancing shoes - I would be lost without them! 

I don't know how it happened - but Monday night dancing has become my therapy.

Its not a night I usually dance, and I don't do it often....but the times I have found myself going completely mental and I know I just NEED to dance, always seem to fall on random Mondays.

Admittedly I feel the need to dance quite often, but these urges can be very easily satisfied with my iPod and locking myself in a room. :)...

This is different - Monday night dancing - as well as the endorphins and getting lost in the music, demands my complete attention...I need to concentrate on the moves and following a lead....and for sure nothing beats the connection when your  dancing in the zone with a partner!

So....yay for healthy coping mechanisms, and living with family, so I can put the kids to bed  and get a dose of thearpy :).....What do you do???

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