Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Love In Action....

We are going on a holiday in September....back to Tassie, to tie up some loose ends, to visit friends, and for the kids to see their dad.....without Michael I don't think we would have been able to pull it off at all....

There is no other word for it - he has been amazing....*sigh*....his kindness and generosity is slightly overwhelming....I honestly don't know how to receive first instinct is to feel a little guilty - "I don't deserve this!" I feel uncomfortable having someone in my life (romantically) that truly wants me to be happy - and really, I have heard that line before.... but this guy is actually coming through with the goods! (shock horror! Well, at least from my experiences anyway...)

My next emotion is to feel complete indebted to him - and that freaks me out - because as much as I love him I can't promise a permanent future with him...(yet)...not that he has asked.....but in my head, that is the only way I could make it up to him, or maybe...the only way I can actually justify myself in feeling deserving of such gestures of love and sacrifice...cause I tell ya - driving from Brisbane to Melbourne with three children is no easy feat!!...(maybe we will see how he feels when we get back....hahaha)

However, he has assured my that I do not owe him anything and I can 'dump' him whenever I want...*wink*

I never dreamed that it could be this easy (not that I expect it to be all easy sailing, but in comparison....) - that I could feel so secure with another out, I may just get used to it! :)


  1. you deserve it. Repeat.

    I think its nice to know happiness is out there. Other people can bless our lives. I know what its like to know that someone has your back. Theres no other feeling in the world like it.

  2. wow thats so awesome tash, which might sound werid coming from ya ex but i have alway wanted the best for ya, michael is a great guy and im sure it will only get better as time goes on..... IN times like this only few words really tell it all from me to you they are "rock on my sista"

  3. It's so much easier to give than receive isn't it! I still haven't mastered the art of receiving graciously without profusly rejecting the idea first to show what? That I don't need to help, to prove I'm strong enough?Even women in a long time good relationship find it hard at times. See me as proof!