Sunday, July 25, 2010

Crafty Resolution......

I am quite over my lack of crafty ambition - especially considering my children are so imaginative.

I promise to no longer starve them of crafty goodness!!

Brilliant G'ma Berice will not be next door after the new year (we are finally getting kicked out moving to our own place) to satisfy their craft desires - just me - and I am far from I am gonna do something about it!.....I made a list :)

Step 1 - subscribe to Kids Craft Weekly - check. 
Step 2 - commit to sessions of creativity twice a week - check.
Step 3 - Start shoe box (gotta start small!) of useful, fun, cheap "craftable" tidbits - it wasn't cool getting all ready to make play dough and realising we had not food colouring! AND save 'useful' rubbish (egg cartons, toilet rolls etc)
Step 4 - acquire applicable tools - Glue, scissors, small pliers (jewellery making), butchers paper, paint etc...Its quite ridiculous how much stuff we don't have!! 
Step 5 - Do not lament over useful items no longer in possession (ie sewing machine, huge box of scrap materials left behind in Tassie)

Last years Halloween first and last moment of creativity!

A shout out to This Girl Loves To Talk - inspiring me with her numerous achievable kids craft activities...Thank you!!

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  1. nawwww.... too kind... but alas I have never had an original thought in my life.. thats what google is for right??

    I LURVE those jack o lanterns... I dont celebrate halloween... but I really want to do those.

    and craft stuff is expensive. nearly all ours has been given to us. I live in a high turnover area of expats. When they move home, they cant take most stuff with them. I end up with school uniforms and paint and craft stuff and cleaning supplies usually! I am blessed!!

    apart from that most of our craft stuff is rubbish, which is why my projects never look finished.

    I also like to start a 'christmas craft box' with all the bits and bobs you need to do christmas related stuff a few months before christmas. Each week I buy another item to add, as craft stuff can be expensive