Thursday, July 8, 2010

Chocolate Boycott In Review..... was harder than I thought.

Not because I just wanted to eat chocolate - but because I never realised how much chocolate was everywhere!!

To not buy it, except for the kids (Amelie lasted about a 2 days not wanting chocolate) and to ignore the block of dark almond chocolate that is always in the fridge - was mostly easy....but to be at activities and visiting people etc, and to remember that chocolate cake is in fact chocolate (I know!) - was difficult. At least fives times over the month I went to eat a chocolate dessert only to remember at the last minute (missed my mouth by inches!) and pass it off to someone else....


I did fall of the wagon.....once

20 June - the date will haunt me forever....hahahaha.....

I was doing so awesome before that....ugh! It wasn't really about the chocolate, but mostly about what it represented - I was having a sooky moment and feeling like a failure about other things....So I thought "forget it, I am a huge failure, where's the chocolate!" :) I had a few squares from dad's fridge chocolate pathetic is that!?!?!

Aside from that, it was all good..... My awesome sister in law sent me over a small block of free trade chocolate from Tassie - that was yum and I had a hot chocolate to celebrate, though I have rediscovered Caro - and it is still replacing hot chocolate as my preferred hot drink...apparently I can also buy organic raw cacao to drink as well.

A really good experience - I am glad that I made the effort.  :) 


  1. well done! lol It is so true. When it was my choice i was fine, it seems if someone is handing me something my brain says yes?

    I almost ate a mars bar slice everyone was raving about at a party! and ward potluck was full of chocolate. and the list goes on!!

    anyway I think I may have cured my chocolate addiction.. I have had some since but it just dosent taste that good anymore! lol

  2. Natasha - if you are interested, I have a 2nd blog that you might also enjoy...or not