Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So...How Do You Like Your Eggs...??

This sentence came out of my mouth Monday morning.... my favoured male companion (I feel like I am too old to have a boyfriend...haha) had stayed over my family's house....and it got me thinking.....

 .....First it made me think that the way people like their eggs is quite a distinct personal preference....And then it made me think of "Runaway Bride" and how the Julia Roberts character never actually knew how she liked her eggs because she always just had them the same as her partner at the time....

Cooking for someone new is rather interesting - Are they sweet or savoury? Do they have any allergies? Do they prefer simple or complex flavours? - and rather important to me....mostly, I think, because 'eating' was such a drama when I was married. I would often be cooking meals that were only eaten and enjoyed by me and one of the children. I started hating meal times and stressing about what and how I cooked everything....I got to the point where I actually forgot 'how I liked my eggs'!.....I now finally realise that it wasn't my cooking that was the problem....

So anyway, back on topic - Cooking for someone new....I always want to get it right the first time, like somehow I am so in tune with the person that I know exactly what they like. But it doesn't really happen like that....and this time was no exception....I got the "its really nice, but for future reference...." regarding my breakfast making....Nooooooo!

Oh well, there is always next time.....:)


  1. this is an awesome post... ahh to be going thru the whole nervous dating thing again.. lol lol cooking for someone is tricky. Trying to impress, have the enjoy, and be raving about your skills.. food and eating can be very sensual... sometimes it feels bleughhh.... I never want to cook again,...... ahhh your posts take me back many years to when I was trying to impress boys.. lol lol

  2. Haha....Bobbie, that IS depressing....Who wants to be doing it all over again! ;)

  3. Yeah, dating sucks. But I still like this one. ;) He's a keeper. lol

    I totally get you on knowing how you like your eggs! When I left my ex I had difficulty deciding which brand of foods to buy. I came back from ym first solo shopping trip shaking! Once he told me that I bought too much fruit and veges and it would be cheaper to have noodles. *Cringe*

    Tonight Steve and I cooked vege's together and ate them off a shared plate while standing around the kitchen. Life goes on. :)