Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In My Head.....Stories....

Occasionally before bed I tell the kids a made up story....(very occasionally!). But they remember them and always talk about them, even ones from back when we were in Tassie. According to them, I am a brilliant storyteller....and I don't quite get it. To me my stories are ghastly (I can't even retell the plot of a movie properly without losing the entire feel and story in translation!), they never make sense, and they are filled with lots of "ummms". I would honestly be embarrassed if anyone heard me telling them.

What I think the children love about them - 
They get to be the main characters
  The setting is always the Island of Soder (for Jack)
There is always a kingdom (so Amelie can be a princess) 
And a chance for heroism (Ash, of course)....

So yay for the small things that make us amazing to our children. I hope, for now while they are young, these stories make up for at least some of my parenting stumbles....


  1. they love them because it's you, same as my girls. ours always want stories from our childhood - wish my memory was better.
    thanks so much for your kind comment the other day

  2. This is such a cute post! Love you Tash. x