Saturday, May 22, 2010

Talk Talk, Talk....

I have had the most intense week....and have been wanting to write something, but just haven't had the time. I had an idea - which I will do - I want to start a blog notebook so I can write down all the insights I have when I don't have a chance to write....because sometimes I am in an awesome head space and the words are just flowing but I can't do anything about it.
But anyway....I have had uni assessments to do - and if you know me, you would know that I barely fit it in. I do my homework (mostly) but don't think about uni until the days that I go, and I don't often go to my lectures....just the tutorials (the lecturers prattle on for AGES...seriously, and I just fall asleep!). Which isn't really a good way to learn, but with three kids, and dancing and lacking organisational skills (ugh...I know!)...That's just how it happens. So on that basis I was SO proud of myself that, even though I left my assignment til the last week, I worked so diligently on it that by the time I was actually writing my report on the last day I wasn't stressed at all - a wonderful feeling - AND I was really happy with what I handed it! :)

ALSO - Michael has been in NZ for the week (picking up his son from his mission...awesome!) BUT - I miss him like crazy! Mostly it hasn't been that bad because I have been so busy....though, the thing that I miss the most is talking to him. We have been talking everyday for months!...and to just not have that, even for a week has left a big hole. Last night I found myself trying to chat to dad about the new dancing shoes that I ordered....he looked at me rather blankly *sigh* ....earlier I called mum to talk and she was too busy. Then I was sitting in my car last night at almost 11pm trying to think of someone to call cause I was going nuts being trapped inside my head for so long! get it out...I am blogging (if you hadn't already noticed!).
I seriously feel like a "Sim" whose social interaction is in the red (oh yeah...I love that game - wish I had time to waste on it!!)
I tried to talk to mum again this morning (she was here) and mentioned how I was feeling " You will see Michael today!!" was her reply - ugh...but she didn't understand -I haven't really talked to ANYONE except for surface chat with people here at home. As much as I am a thinker....I am intensely social and get energy from my interactions with yes, if you are wondering, I am REALLY looking forward to seeing Michael today - but letting a bit out 'blog styles' so I am not so intense when I see him...;)

PS I am meeting his kids today (they are all grown and two of them are married) - and they are meeting mine....just a little nervous!  Did you see the first episode of that new show "Modern Family"?? Oh my goodness...HILARIOUS....but that's a whole other blog post. :)

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  1. go tash! good luck with the meet and greet ;) you can call me anytime... well not at 11.. I'm asleep then... lol