Friday, May 28, 2010

Endings.....Reflection....And The Full Moon.....

Well, I am feeling rather thoughtful tonight, as of 12am I was officially without a license (I got home from dancing with 10secs to spare! you do...*wink*) Since this also coincides with the full moon I thought maybe I would take a bit of time to reflect. To set the scene - my curtains are wide open, I have a black candle burning on my bedside table and on my bookshelf I have three other candles burning, with my incense. Black is apparently symbolic of "ending", and quite fitting as I contemplate the next six months and the end of my freedom. I am thinking not only of the "end", but the opportunities this experience will bring.

*It will slow me down *give me more time with the children *I will be more organised *More time and motivation to bake *The chance to save money!!! name but a few....

I am a little disappointed with myself that it will take something this drastic to achieve the above - not that this is the purpose - but just that all of these things were achievable anyway.....I have been pulled in too many direction this last year. Hopefully now I can focus more on the important things. Don't get me wrong though...when this 6months is over - dancing will be back up there, even if takes up far less of my time!....For what is life without passion??

Another thing that I have been thinking about this night is "fear"....I have a big fear of the unknowns in my life. I always think I need to have everything figured out, to have all the answers now. So on this night, I am letting go of my fear....and letting time be my guide - I know the answers will come eventually. I will learn as my life unfolds and not be so worried if I have it all right all the is the journey that counts after all!

Happy full moon people! xx


  1. All the Best for the next six months. Hope you will keep your passion for dancing when you return.
    Silvia Parvu

  2. Happy new beginnings to you!
    Cars are over rated... I'm doing just fine with our bike + trailer + baby seat!

  3. i love how positives can come out of negatives!