Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sitting In A Box Anxiety....

When I was a baby - probably between 6-9 mnths - Mum used to sit me in a box on the kitchen bench and cook or clean or whatever around me....I would just sit and play with toys (I am assuming she gave me toys!) and not try and get out.

How unlike my own children.

Yet totally like my personality. I am extremely inquisitive and I will ask thousands of questions yet I seem to be afraid of action. Especially action of the unknown variety. As a result I miss countless opportunities (ie. I didn't have my first real kiss, until I was 18! - and there were plenty of opportunities. Well, at least two I can recall, one involving two sets of braces ....Though I am sure there would have been a snowball effect!) - or when I do take an opportunity, its a great leap of faith!

I am having anxiety at the moment....doing things anxiety. More specifically, giving a gift to my Visiting Teaching sisters, now that my companion has moved away (what can this uncreative, sugar fearful lady offer?!!) AND expressing my gratefulness to my neighbour(s) for being cool with my youngest jumping over the fence often to play with their two children (3, 2)...he works nights, and doesn't sleep a whole lot and she works days....as I type, all three of mine are over the fence in the neighbours pool. Oh the anxiety/guilt!

I have just returned from a neighbourly sojourn....I sucked it up and went over to help supervise the children and be more friendly, instead of hiding in my house while the kids get to know the neighbourhood.

The children all played well together and I stepped out of my box for a little while - it was great I thought! We have been invited over for a Christmas Street Party on Friday night....how is that for a rewarding experience!?

Now just to figure what to do for my Visiting Teaching sisters....

PS Yesterdays car leak apparently was the air conditioner - it happens, and it stopped. Thank goodness! The damage appears to be minimal and only cosmetic. Though I did ask my husband if he pines for his bachelor life - I feel constant guilt about our whirlwind family of noise and destruction - he vehemently assured me that his life is far better with us in it.....despite the damage. Yay!

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