Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Do You Wobble?.....

I love a good line dance.

I have a secret desire to go back to Texas, (because I just don't think country line dancing really cuts it in Australia), don my funky 'honeymoon' alligator cowboy boots and my pink cowboy hat and get down to some serious boot scootin'!! The country music is brilliant over there!.... line dancing is awesome....not the 'Nutbush' mind you, that is so so terrible! In my opinion line dancing is a group of repetitive simple steps and you BYO groove, and all about the groove baby!  And there is absolutely no groove in the 'Nutbush'!

Recently have found my ultimate line dance....The Wobble. Michael thinks it is lame because there is nothing to it.....Handsome Man, that is the idea of it! My perfect kind of beat to get down to some serious booty shakin'! 

Enough build are the basics....and here is gettin' wild wit it from the Raw Connection West Coast Swing Dance Party in July....I am somewhere in there on the left.

If you don't know it're seriously missing out. 

I'm just sayin'.....

"I can dance Homie.....I don't two step"

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