Sunday, December 11, 2011

I Am Not Worthy.....

As I type Michael is clearing out the spare room and setting it up for me to have a study/sewing room. (I asked him if he could do me a set up in the garage while he was on holidays) 

Pretty kind of him, huh?

But this is after a whole lot of nice things he has done to benefit me this weekend - and, unfortunately, I can't really think of a whole lot I have done for him. When I think back, all I can remember is me growling at my sugar-high children and dropping a whole lot of swear words an hour ago because my cake was leaking in the oven and I didn't know what to do.

Also he was going to go dancing tonight (which he very rarely does) because I had spent a whole lot of the morning in Spotlight with my mum getting set up with some sewing equipment, while he was at my dad's work Christmas party keeping an eye on the kids in the pool (Mum and I were supposed to be there but we ended up two hours late - talking and shopping)....

Soooo he is setting a room up for me instead of doing something for himself (oh yeah, and I made him vegemite and cheese toast because I couldn't be bothered making dinner tonight *sigh*) and I am feeling terribly guilty and like a bit of a failure as I wife. In my defense I can be pretty kind and thoughtful, just clearly not as much as he can be.

The only thing he has requested of me, is to make him some dance pants.....I better learn to sew then!

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