Saturday, April 28, 2012

Confessions Of An Anti-Groupie....

I have been wanting to write this post for a while, and a message left on my wall yesterday reignited the topic for is a bit of background....

Me: the prolific facebook updater...

yesterday morning....

"That awful feeling when you realise the song you like to dance to is a Justin Bieber :/"

yesterday afternoon....

"Seriously, how good is Supre??!! I have been shopping there since I was a kid - one shop for all the basic tops - I have re-stocked my singlets (the colours are excellent this season!), t-shirts and 3/4 tops, brilliant for layering....also awesome for random fashion items that come and go (LOVE my stud belt!)

AND the music is BRILLIANT - I want to know who does their playlists!!!

.....I choose to ignore the skank factor :)"

My girl Jess:...the message that inspired this post....

"How do you admit to shopping at Supre but are cut about loving a JB song!?! I LOVE Justin Bieber! Hahaha xoxo"

The answer:
It is because I am an anti-groupie!

I hate following the crowd, and its been that way ever since I can remember. 

I was never a stand out person growing up, I didn't have bizarre hair or clothes - I was normal, if a little nerdy. The funny thing is I don't much like obvious attention either. My uniqueness, however, is very important to me. One of the worst insults was and still is to tell me that I am just like every other woman!! I would prefer to be told my specific short comings - I refuse to be grouped in with every other 'anything'.

When I was a teenager, if there was a boy that all girls liked I wouldn't be interested, no matter how much of a nice person he was. (I met one of those boys a few years ago, turns out he was really nice and I potentially missed out on getting to know, in a non romantic way, a good guy because of my prejudice)I didn't actually have any boyfriends until almost 18, but I had a lot of crushes. The boys I liked were never super popular, I was always drawn to their individuality characteristics. I love discovering the idiosyncrasies in others and knowing them makes me love people even more.

I think that is why I fell in love and married my first husband - he was different (when I first noticed him, and asked around about him, a girl told me not to be interested - 'he draws pictures with blood in them'...instead of putting me off it just increased my interest) and he recognised my uniqueness as well. I think I sub-consciously still didn't want to marry and have the same life as the masses. I married an artist, and I knew my life would be different and challenging, that idea was so exciting for me.

I was heavily into R&B music in those years as well, so much so that I would be scouring record stores and magazines looking for new artists. I loved discovering new talent, and listening to music that wasn't being played constantly on the radio. It was so fantastic listening to an album and feeling like I was one 'of the few' appreciating such an awesome artist.

Anyway, I think it has gotten worse with age - now I can't watch movies if they have been hyped up and everyone is loving them, even if it is genuinely a good movie!! I have only recently seen 'The Help', I got it out on video one day over holidays because I felt like it was time. It was brilliant and I balled my eyes out and thought about it for days, yet I couldn't see it while 'everyone' was still talking about it. I haven't read 'The Hunger Games', nor do I have any desire to see the movie. Maybe I will wait until the Christmas holidays.....

Now to respond to funky Jess's comment - 
Had I discovered Justin Bieber before the screaming masses of teenage girls got a hold of his music I would have loved him and it wouldn't have bothered me at all to share his music with the hoards. But now, its almost torture.....and as for Supre, we have a history, so its all good - admittedly I didn't shop their for quite a long time because of the style of clothes they sell now and their target market - but when all my singlets were getting was time to go back. 

So there is an exception, if I get on the bandwagon first, or without the knowledge that I am sharing my passion with the beast of popular opinion....I just have to suck it, and be part of the beast. That's why I love the "Twilight Saga". It happened before I got 'connected', when I just got back to Queensland, I had no internet and I had been stuck on the drama in my life for a couple of years without seeing much else. So someone gave me a book - I read it and loved it....then I realised.....Noooooo.....I was part of the Twilight beast! I couldn't break away though - the books are amazing! I do however wait a few weeks until I see the new movies....

and my confession.

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  1. ha! the funny thing about supre... is that we shopped there before it was a thing.. (yes I know! how hipster!) It was actually a womans shop that sold much bigger sizes than now.. I remember travelling to the (only?) one near the old woolshed near teneriffe with my mum when I was like 9 years old. Picked up a few cute things... well then supre changed.. alot! lol

    i think its good that you realise prejudice. If you like something ... like it.. it is fun to find things before other people, but dont turn down a good thing (or guy ;) just cause everyone else is into it too.. lol