Monday, May 30, 2011


In our household my behind is affectionately called "jelly butt", and I regularly enjoy exclamations of "Its SOOOO squishy!" as my kids bust in on me in various stages of dressing or undressing....The youngest even goes as far as to have a favourite game where he comes up behind me and puts his head under my butt....and bounces!!! *sigh*.....

 If I didn't find it so amusing I would cry! :)

Although, as I have gotten older I have come to accept my body shape more and now view my ample derriere as some sort of personal trademark, instead of hating it.

Thank goodness!!

You may have noticed, from my blog posts or my frequent facebook updates ;),....that I love to workout, and I enjoy a good challenge. I am an active member of a couple of fitness FB groups and I have seen quite a bit of positive talk about the various BeachBody workout DVDs...and one in particular has taken my fancy.

Brazil Butt Lift.....(for obvious reasons of course!)

 I know...right? 
(ps. my aim is not to look like the photo)

I also have a tendency to get slightly obsessed with things - ie I will play an album/song/artist to death, or go on mad researching binges on particular topics. Therefore - I could not rest until I had this workout DVD. I couldn't find it in the stores and the US sites wouldn't ship it to Australia (without some serious shipping $$). I almost gave up, until Michael found it on a local 'ebay' type site being sold for $10 unopened!!....Score! 
I received it in the mail today.....arrrgh!! I am nervous! :)  For starters, its very confronting. As much as I have come to accept it, I am still quite sensitive about my body. So to have Michael over my shoulder pointing out what kind of butt I had was slightly offensive! I can talk about the size and 'density' (??) etc of it - BUT no one else can...I may just get a little snippy! 

Lets face it - the more you hate something the more you need to do it - and I really really don't like lower body exercises!! Give me push up challenges any day!(btw - I did 30 pushups yesterday...awesome! ;)


The challenge begins here. *breathes into a paper bag*

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  1. You know the shape of that butt is all down to the tilt of her hips, right? That and the studio lighting, makeup contouring and photoshop... and also genetics, where we women store fat is very genetically determined.
    Have fun, but don't beat yourself up!