Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Culinary Experimental....

Those of you who know me well would know that....

I like to eat.

Fortunately, I also like to run....so the two mostly offset each other. (mostly - except for the two kilos that found me on my recent indulgent honeymoon, which I am starting to feel quite comfortable with! :)

I am often trying to find a 'healthy' (pun intended) balance in the food department. I have tried cutting out sugar and "bad fats" all together, but frankly, I feel deprived....and I shall only live once - so forget that.

Instead, I am keeping most of my meals and the families dinner clean. Which means - a whole range of experimental dinners. I have to admit, we have had a bunch of crap dinners lately! Sorry, guys....but I have also had some success - in the form of turkey mince.

It is as cheap (price is a big deal) as premium mince, has less fat and is super tasty. I have used it instead of mince to make chilli for tacos and nachos (I found Woolworths homebrand corn chips to be waaaay tastier and less salty than other brands), and turkey instead of sausage mince for sausage rolls. Win! 

I have also tried to make my own stock,  and chicken stew with wholemeal dumplings....which were both fails - Wholemeal flour is super dense and I don't think I like the taste of marjoram! However, I will try both again next week. This girl does not give up!

Currently in the oven, turkey mince meat loaf with mushroom gravy.

I think I will be more gentle on my family....maybe I should cut down to 3 experimental meals per week?

PS in case you get the wrong idea, we haven't been eating turkey mince every day of the week! ;)

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