Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Artistic Bone....

I am a self confessed non-artist....I do not feel like I have a creative bone in my body...alas!

So, might I add, being married to an artist for six years did wonders for my creative self esteem....a little sarcasm there, if you missed it. But he did teach me one things - ok....maybe two.

One - I learned to appreciate art, and I have a growing love for emerging artists. (This perhaps comes from me still trying to prove myself as a supportive wife to a 'starving artist'....or some psychological, subconscious motivation. Whatever.) I  especially love buying art, prints - I still cannot afford originals (I wish!), from people I know or friends of friends or artists I have actually had a conversation with. (There needs to be some sort of personal connection

and Two - I have discovered a love of getting pictures framed. I feel like I can add a little of my own creative flair (I cannot type/say that word without thinking of 'Office Space' - still a hilarious movie!) and somehow enhance the already brilliant piece of art (clearly I would not purchase art that was lacking in brilliance!)

I currently own four pieces (including one from my ex) by difference artists that I have gotten framed - most of them are small. Here is my latest edition by Erin Hammill...I have had it unframed for awhile because its larger than what I am used to, and I was worried about the $$ to frame - wasn't nearly as expensive as I thought...It feels so good to have it finally on my wall! You can see it as soon as you walk into the house and it looks fabulous!

I am in mad, passionate love with the frame.....

My other prints are by Elisabeth Bell, John Summerfield, and Steven Bowerman (a seasoned local artist).

Do you love art??

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