Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Picket Fence Goodbye....

Almost, (I am going to say 'almost' cause although I can't remember, I am sure there is a time that I haven't...) every morning I walk my husband out to the car, give him a big kiss and wave him off for the day....and every time I do, I find it rather amusing! I wonder how many other wives on my block are giving this kind of send off to their husbands?....And how incredibly "Stepford Wife-sh" it would be if it happened on the entire street at the same time every day!

I have always loved the ideal of the 1950's and the traditional husband and wife roles in the home - Can I please cook and clean in a sexy dress and heels, with my hair perfectly set? The reality is, however, that it was an extremely oppressive time for women, 

you're kidding....right?

and I guarantee there were a lot going completely mental!

or on drugs....

 I definitely wouldn't change my time for any other. I am blessed to be able to go to university, pursue my interests/passions and enjoy the technological conveniences that allow me to do this and be a relatively successful 'housewife'.....if I so choose. 

Nonetheless, there is a certain aspect of 'traditional' that I like in my life. I love LOVE that I married a man that is, by nature, a provider and nothing makes him happier than making others (namely ME!) happy and being appreciated for it. I like making him breakfast and lunch in the morning, and ironing his shirt for work (some days I get kinda slack and distracted, but I do it most of the time!) - it's the least I can do....and in return he does all the things I don't like to do - ie folding washing when the pile gets too big.

Sometimes I think maybe I am just playing house because my previous marriage experience was nothing like this - and maybe the novelty will wear off....and I think I am kinda scared it will. Scared that the bubble will burst, because maybe I am not supposed to be deliriously happy most of the time.....I even had a nightmare about it this morning...Issues much?...

Anyway - I am just grateful for my life right at this moment and the opportunities and freedom that I have, and desperately hope the picket fence goodbyes never stop....cause I love them! 

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  1. I love that ur sooo happy Nat...as they say, "happy wife, happy life!!" It sure rubs off on everyone!! Whatever ur doing, ur doing it right so "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!!!" Enjoy Love Martine xoxo