Thursday, July 21, 2011

Don't Be A Hater.....

I washed my car today (last week). Its been I really can't remember the last time I did it.

It's hard to care when your car is as undesirable as mine is. It rattles, its loud, it has peeling tinted windows, the body is dented and marked, the glove box fell off a few months ago - sometimes I look at it and want to cry *sigh*

But when I think that about my car I feel really bad. I got it almost 3 years ago for $500-ish off my brother. He was going to trade it in - I paid more than he would have got for it, but I totally scored and it was a huge blessing. I didn't have much funds and I was in desperate need of a car.

I can't hate on it.

It may look and sound like a piece of junk, but I haven't put that much money into it and it still runs reliably.

My husband's daughter had to get a new car this past week, and I looked wistfully and all the cars I would like to replace my car - Nothing fancy, 2nd hand under $8.000, manual, etc (I know my fantasy specs....:) It would be awesome for the first time in my life to actually choose my car.


I really don't want one right now. I am happy/satisfied with my little car - it gets me around and I don't cringe too much when the kids do what they do.

However, when it finally stops running, I won't be too sad to see it go. ;)

 My car, when I first got it - I am not going to post a photo of it "now" :)


  1. At the moment my car is a bicycle.
    Makes getting the groceries interesting... and just love the morning school run, with Miss J in the dicky seat, and Miss R riding ahead on her worn out 16" bike, trailer running behind me...
    So looking forward to getting the project car in my driveway actually registered and running!

    word verification is ingloo... makes me think of igloo, which is what I feel like I've been in when our riding!

  2. Elizabeth, you are seriously amazing! - That's all I have to say :)