Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Honeymoon That Was...Aka The Best Holiday EVER!!

Part 1 - In Transit/Galveston, Texas

I would just like to say that I am super glad we had a week in between the wedding and the honeymoon! I used that week to chill and enjoy being married......and then to wash clothes, go food shopping and organise everything for dad to come and babysit (honestly, my father the hero!).

After pulling an almost all-nighter (1hr sleep), being crazy excited, house cleaning, packing and watching "How I Met Your Mother Episodes" online while folding washing.....we were finally ready - Jack was at Babuska's, the kids were at before school care.....and I was.....

Yay! - just a little bit excited....

I highly recommend flying V Australia - they were awesome!! The 13 hour flight was totally bearable - I will even go as far as to was fun. How often do I get to watch two movies back to back??.... like never!! :) So we watched movies, slept (me all over Michael - Oh, I love that he doesn't mind!), ate food, slept some more (me), watch more "How I Met Your Mother" (me - I think I have overloaded on that series!!)....and arrived in LA four hours before we left!! The time change is crazy - my longest Friday on record!

Oh man, Barney is so wrong......but so hilarious

 I was pretty freaked out about getting into the US, I had some weird fear they wouldn't let me in!! I am going to go ahead and blame the hyped up movie industry for that one.

We arrived in Houston safely late Friday, and got a shuttle to our hotel.

What's with the tiny pillows??

We couldn't really remember when we last ate, so caught a cab down town for some food, and to check out the Mardi Gras scene......It cost $15 to get onto the street where the Mardi gras was (everything was blocked off), so we just cruised the neighbourhood for restaurants.....and found a local pub, where we had our first American feed.....

It was good - Michael had "Chicken fried steak" with white gravy....

And met Ian,

an Aussie that had been living in Galveston for a few years. He ducked out to purchase a sample of American chocolate and sweets for us....I am sorry to all my US friends, but your chocolate blows!! :(  He said he would put in a good word for us with the room attendants on the ship (He worked for a shipping company and handled all the packages for the ships crew) if in return we would send him some Tim Tams (ie real chocolate)!!! Apparently they are REALLY hard to get over there!

We got back to our hotel and decided to check out the lounge, they had a funky band playing and there were a bunch of people from our dance group staying at the hotel as well. So we had a few dances.

Thus ending the longest (literally) day of my life.

Saturday morning dawned cool and windy - I went for a run along the shore. Very windy...met Michael on the way back and we hit the supermarket. We were just looking for fruit etc, but it turned into one of my favourite excursions. It was so fun just wandering the isle's and checking out all the different foods - like the million-and-one different kinds of cereals, and the bright orange cheese!!

Headed down to the mardi Gras at about 1pm....I had seen people with loads of beads the night before and I walked in saying "All I want is some beads......"

Well my desire was most definitely satisfied....they were throwing them from the balconies!!

I mentioned before it was cool and windy, well that turned in to kinda freezing....about 13 degrees! We had to buy jackets and hats....funnily enough, Michael got a Billabong jacket!

I got my face painted.

We tried our hand at riding the mechanical bull - I will not post the video ;) hehe....That thing is hard! Ate Vendor food.....gyros are messy - and don't taste that great.....the funnel cake was yum, but I felt my arteries clogging as I ate it! All they are is deep fried batter with icing sugar on top!

Found an awesome country/rock band playing and boogied down to that for a while.....I don't normally go for that kind of music, but they were seriously good!

Finally the parade started, apparently it was an hour late - the most bizarre thing for me was they had marching bands and baton twirlers representing from all the surrounding schools.....We had nothing like that in our schools!!

 Paraded out, beaded up and frozen we caught the shuttle back to the hotel......only to head to the lounge for some more west coasting.....I tell you, the bands are awesome!...don't know if it was just Texas or if its like that all over the US.

But I was definitely loving Galveston, Texas.

I know....what the???

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