Sunday, August 22, 2010

Little Miss Good Intentions......

When I was in Young Women a bunch of years ago we would often have 'secret friends' (I am sure there was a better name, but I can't remember it) and one time my 'secret friend' gave me the Little Miss Helpful book - it scarred me for life! For ages I couldn't figure out if she bought it because she thought it was cute and that I was helpful or that she actually read it and thought it was highly applicable!

If you don't know the theme of the story, Little Miss Helpful tries terribly (too) hard to be helpful and more often than not ends up wrecking everything - hence my ensuing 'secret friend' depression. *sigh* ;)

All teenage trauma aside, I had been thinking lately, if I created a Little Miss character based on one (I have many ;p) of my shortcomings (as seems to be the theme of them) mine would have to be "Little Miss Good Intentions". I am full of them. The list of the things I get into or start with the best of intentions and never finish or stay committed to (for whatever reason) would be extremely massive!

Talk about frustrating....ugh! :) I think I don't write lists or set super concrete goals for fear of overwhelming myself and getting depressed when I don't come with the goods. Cause seriously, failure is a b*tch!

But I get it.

It's life - the constant re-assessing and re-focusing, the getting back up and trying again, is all part of the journey....and if all goes to plan we may even learn something! (wow....) I have to say, I find the repetition rather amusing....

Cause if I didn't laugh....

I may just cry. :)

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  1. I love how honest you are! And in the spirit of honesty... me too! x